This Mathematics Problem Involving A Frog Will Have You Stumped

YouTuber standupmaths shares this brain-racking math problem involving a frog's approximate amount of leaps to get to the other side.

YouTuber standupmaths is known for his fun and interesting math problems and this one is no different. Presented by a friend of his and fellow math-fan the frog problem will have you racking your brain trying to solve it.

The puzzle goes like this: suppose you have a frog on one side of the river and it wants to get to the other side. Across the river are several lily pads that the frog can jump on to get to the other side.

The frog only goes forward never backward. And each time it jumps on a lily pad it is equally likely to jump on any of the next water lily pads.

The question is this: if the frog crosses the river many times, what is the average number of jumps it will take to get to the other side? Essentially, the YouTubers are looking for the formula that will reveal exactly what the average number of jumps is.

Standupmaths tries to solve it and so do a few other mathematicians but in the end he leaves it up to the audience. 



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