This May Be the Cutest Cosplay Collaboration between a Father and His Daughters

Based off of MechWarrior, this video demonstration displays a great cosplay idea.
Fabienne Lang

Cosplay has made quite a name for itself. For those not in the know, cosplay is when people dress up and make elaborate costumes to represent specific characters. Typically, these characters are in video games or adult comic books. 

A cosplayer who goes by the name of Griddlock Cosplay created a YouTube video for last year's Edmonton Comic Expo to showcase his brilliant cosplay costume from the game MechWarrior: the Stalker J1 MechWarrior

Griddlock Cosplay made the cosplay with a fully functional console, complete with a joystick for ease of navigation. Different lights direct the 'engine' as to the direction that the pilot wishes to travel to.

It even has an internal dash light and a cooling fan. It does get warm moving around under these costumes!

A five-barrel minigun is on one shoulder, and there's still room left for more weapons on the other side. Headlights and radar for navigating in the dark are also built-in. Griddlock refers to his own legs as the 'retractable legs' for stability. The engine room has a 'clear view outside' and a cell-phone pouch —what more could you need to navigate the MechWarrior safely?

The cherry on top of the already sweet cake is that Griddlock Cosplay's daughters are the pilots in this costume.