This Metal Finger Machine's Flick Can Shatter a Light Bulb

You can shatter light bulbs with a flick that has the power of a thousand suns.
Derya Ozdemir

Nobody likes being flicked on the head, shoulder, or ears; however, the joy of inflicting unnecessary discomfort on your unassuming friends can be extremely fun. If you go around flicking people, just make sure you don't do it while wearing this absurd device, which will probably let you flick with the power of a thousand suns.

In this video, the YouTube channel The Q shows the process of making a stainless steel finger flick device that can easily break glass cups, ceramic bowls, nuts, and more. He states in the description box that "If you have weak finger flick — it's not a problem anymore! This machine [is] for you!" 

So if you've ever been embarrassed by your underwhelming finger flick, you won't need to worry any longer. The metal cover gives the middle finger an extra boost thanks to the spring-loaded mechanism; moreover, it can probably be used as a bottle opener, too. Just make sure you don't flick your friends too hard, or you might give them a concussion — which is never fun. Enjoy the video!

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