This Might Be the Biggest Match Cube Ever Built!

Andre Bandarra set himself a 30-day YouTube challenge and he might have also broken a world record!

Andre Bandarra decided he wanted to be more confident in his hobby of making video content for YouTube. So like many people around the world, he decided to combine this goal into a neat package and create for himself a 30-day challenge. He made a promise to create a new video every day for every day of October with the aim of getting better at making videos. On day two he created a pretty neat drawing machine, while on day 13 he made a giant match cube.

Technically it isn't a match cube at all, but rather some oversized model matches that he threaded together in the same way you might create a little match cube. It still looks pretty great and is perhaps, as he claimed, the largest match cube in the world. Andre is a really sweet host who seems to definitely be improving on creating videos. It is a pretty cut-throat world out there in YouTube land, so you have to admire his tenacity and endurance. We are pretty harsh critics and have a few pointers for Andre before he hits the caliber of our favorite YouTube stars, but he is well on his way!

It seems like the world can’t get enough of 30-day challenges. Type that into Google and you are inundated with results from pushups to poem writing. It seems everyone loves to watch people improve over time with the help from the crucial fast motion. We will definitely be keeping an eye on Andre’s channel to see how far he can go!

 This Might Be the Biggest Match Cube Ever Built!

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