This Miniature 16 Cylinder Gas-Powered Stirling Engine Is Every Engineer's Dream Gift

Whether you love engines or want to learn more about them, this 16 Cylinder Gas-Powered Stirling Engine model is a must.
Jessica Miley

This might be the gift for the person who has it all. A tiny, desktop 16-cylinder gas-powered Stirling engine. Watch this video to not only see the little engine in operation but to see the wonderful detail and skill that went into the making of it.

The engine operates by the cyclic compression and expansion of air, at varying temperature levels so that there is a net conversion of heat energy to mechanical work. The engine works in a way similar to a steam engine in that all of the engine's heat flows in and out through the engine wall.

The engine requires 95% purity alcohol, filled inside its lamp to operate. If you are an engine enthusiast of any kind, you’ll appreciate its detail and precision. But even if you have no passion for engines, there is no doubt that the work to create this desktop engine won’t impress.

Once in operation, the engine can spin its propellers at roughly 2000 RPM. The desktop engine can be used as an education model for children or people beginning to cultivate an interest in engineering or engine principles.

The mechanics of the engine are able to be easily seen and explained. The site has a range of model engines available to buy for demonstrative and display.