This Mobility Scooter Is Modified to Hit Speeds of More Than 100 km/h

Check out this mobility scooter that has been modified to go more than 100 km/h.
Jessica Miley

Videos of dangerous backyard stunts are brilliant, but sometimes they get taken a little too far. Like the guys that modified this mobility scooter so that it can reach top speeds of more than 100 km/h! The video shows the driver passing cars on an open road only wearing a motorbike helmet for safety. While we want to be clear that this is definitely in the 'don’t try this at home' basket, there is no denying the modification is also pretty cool. Details of what was actually modified on the three-wheeled vehicle are thin on the ground. But one thing is clear, this machine is now incredibly fast.

It seems presenting the modification of these mobility scooters is a YouTube genre all of its own. A quick YouTube search will reveal hundreds of videos on the subject. Of course, some of these are aimed at those folks that actually need the nifty scooters to assist in maintaining a high quality of life. Taking them to a local shop or cruising around their garden for instance. But then there are others that of course are just focused on making the machines as dangerous and unstable as possible. It seems like the first port of call to increase the speed on a scooter is to increase the battery output voltage. Once you do that you are quickly on a slippery slope of upgrading ignition switches and the like. While we urge you to stay safe on the road, do post a video if you make any modifications on par to this one.