This Model Railway Trains Dispatchers Without Endangering Anyone

Simultaneously training up to 20 dispatchers with ease.
Derya Ozdemir

Meet the Eisenbahnbetriebsfeld, a model train system that accurately simulates the German railway system for student dispatchers. While it's indeed a mouthful, it has a noble purpose: This model system is linked to real signaling systems to provide student dispatchers a wide variety of operational situations without endangering trains or people.

In this video by the English YouTuber and educator Tom Scott, you can learn more about this model train system as he travels to Darmstadt, Germany, in the pursuit of knowledge. He gets all the very basics from the professionals, and apparently, the Eisenbahnbetriebsfeld can train twenty dispatchers at the same time here with the entire network and all the switches. It certainly accomplishes a crucially important task, so if you want to learn more, make sure you watch the video embedded above, and as always, enjoy!