This Modern Day Blacksmith Turns Steel Cables into a Beautifully Forged Knife

In this video, a modern day blacksmith shows the process of turning steel cable into a razor sharp blade.
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Modern blacksmithing and blade making is an absolutely fascinating craft. The sheer number of steps required to hand make steel objects is astounding. In this video you can see steel cable being transformed into a handsome knife.

The seemingly impossible task is undertaken by YouTuber shurap. The YouTuber creates a tonne of interesting videos on how to make blades from different types of steel. In this video, the blade maker takes some steel cable and creates a very mean looking blade.

The video takes you on the entire process from initial welding of the short lengths of cable together to the final polishing of the blade. While there isn’t any voice over to explain the process, the YouTuber has included some detailed notes about what the various liquids and powders that you see in the video are. Blade making and blacksmithing are very ancient trades that are enjoying a sort of renaissance in recent years due to the rise in popularity of handmade and handcrafted objects. The popularity of shows like Vikings and Game of Thrones may have added to the sensation as well.

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If this video is your cup of tea, then we also recommend you to check out the channel from what may be the youngest looking blacksmith around, Alec Steele. The UK based modern blacksmith makes highly energetic videos exploring a whole range of processes associated with his trades from blade making to workshop organization.

Via: shurap

This Modern Day Blacksmith Turns Steel Cables into a Beautifully Forged Knife  

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