This Modified Prius Easily Outdoes a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon in a Drag Race

Watch this pumped-up Prius face a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon in a drag race.
Jessica Miley

You wouldn’t normally imagine a Prius on a drag strip. The popular family car is more at soccer games than the race track but this isn’t any ordinary Prius.

A group of speed demons called the American Racing Headers have given this Prius an all-new engine, chassis, and transmission. The dragsters put a Hellcat engine under the hood and they say they have tuned it up to have 800 HP at the wheels compared to the Hellcat’s factory-rated 707 HP.

The new transmission is a six-speed manual and put in a custom chassis. The souped-up former hybrid faced the formidable Dodge Challenger SRT Demon in a drag race and left the Dodge well behind.

The win for the Prius doesn’t mean the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon isn’t a fast car - it most certainly is, Dodge says the car can do a quarter mile in 9.65s. But it was no match on the day for the finely tuned Toyota.

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