This New 3D Hologram System Can Create and Display Any Content

Hypervsn is a billboard that uses holographic effects to create stunning 3D imagery.
Jessica Miley

If you thought advertising was everywhere and was getting more and more persuasive, you’d be right. These new billboards create 3D images that look like you could reach out and pick them up. Hypervsn, from Kino-Mo is a billboard that uses holographic effects to create 3D imagery. The images are created using a Hypervsn projection unit in conjunction with the Hypervsn Management Platform. The projection unit creates images that are perceived by viewers as 3D holograms floating in space. Hypervsn was designed with a range of markets in mind and has already been used by businesses involved in healthcare, gaming, sport and medicine. The lightweight projection unit can be used just about anywhere and multiple units can be linked to create bigger and more complex displays.

It is important to note the images ‘appear like a hologram’, they are not actually holograms but is actually a clever design of spinning blades with LED displays. This means the images are able to be viewed in bright light. The device is currently aimed and mid to large size companies, there are rumors a more consumer-friendly version is in the works. What a great way to attend a wedding you can’t make!

Kino-Mo is a British company that has received investment from Mark Cuban and Sir Richard Branson. It has received a bunch of awards including Top 3 British Innovations of the Year. The backing of such big names makes us think that this technology might not be as gimmicky as it first appears.