This New Amusement Park Ride is as Close to a Space Walk as You'll Get

The Cyborg Cyber Spin at Six Flags Amusement park spins your entire body on three-axis.
Jessica Miley

Thrill seekers book your ticket to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey immediately. The famous theme park has just unveiled a new gravity-defying ride that can spin you on three axes. 

Called as the Cyborg Cyber Spin, the ride looks something like a complicated time machine that will open a portal into space. Passengers are strapped into a long seating section which is then flipped and twisted on three unpredictable axes. 

Unlike a roller coaster where you can pre-empt the twists and turns, this stomach-churning ride seems to have no rhythm in its madness. Definitely not one for the faint-hearted, the Cyborg Spin Machine should only be ridden with an empty stomach. 

If the feel of being on an unconnected spacewalk isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other rides at Six Flags that might tickle your fancy. For instance, the Jumbo Air ride which involves riding a baby elephant. 

The Six Flags website describes the ride saying: “These perky, happy, junior elephants may not have wings, but they love to fly with their giant ears. Each one has a different brightly-colored saddle. Choose your favorite little pachyderm and then climb inside, as it starts to spin around a circus top in the center.” 

The Six Flags Amusement park bills itself as fun for the whole family, so whether you are a daredevil or a little more reserved you’ll find a ride for you.