This New Crazy Nerf Gun Can Fire Foam Balls at up to 70 MPH


Are you too scared to get all bruised up that's why you haven't gone paintballing yet? Or maybe you have family members who are too young for a paintball game? Well, you can have the same kind of paintball fun with the new Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K without having to endure the aftermath pain.

Nerf weapons are armed with foam balls, which shoot out at high speeds so both kids and adults enjoy the extremities of this toy gun. What sets this new model aside from previous Nerf Rival series is that it's capable of firing 100 balls all at once. All the ammo are loaded into the hopper all at the same time, which makes immediate firing a possibility. Unlike from previous models where you have to reload the weapon one foam ball at a time. The Rival Nemesis can shoot the ammo at a speed of 70 mph - your enemies don't stand a chance of escaping from your wrath. Of course, this is just psych talk. Do not attempt to use these guns on anyone at a point blank range as you might cause serious injuries on them. To maximize the fun, try and use protective gears like the Nerf face mask, which covers both your eyes and face. This new blaster uses six D-size batteries, or maybe you'd prefer the Nerf battery pack - it's up to you really.

Nerf's Rival Nemesis is out this fall and will cost you $100 - not a bad price to pay if you're seeking to start a friendly havoc.

Via LordDraconical


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