This New Yorker's Contractor Got the Work Done in a Hilariously Sloppy Way

When your professional contractor uses duct tape, you know there is going to be trouble. Watch Louis Rossman share the ludicrous standard of work performed by a local contractor.
Jessica Miley

No-one wants to pay for something they didn’t get. So when you call an expert to fix something you expect it to be done, well ‘expertly’, right? It seems that just doesn’t exist in New York City. One YouTuber has created a video to show why, in his words, ‘New Yorkers don’t pay contractors’.

In the video, you can see Louis Rossmann show off a recent repair by an air conditioning contractor who was hired to fix the leaking machine. And they did manage to fix it, in a way.

What Rossman shows is that the contracted repair person used a small plastic household funnel and some plastic tubing to move the excess water from the air conditioning unit in a way so that it wouldn’t drip. Sounds ok, right? Except instead of installing this ‘fix’ in any sort of professional method. The plastic tube was DUCT TAPED to the wall and exterior glass window. Rossman rants about the ridiculousness of the situation briefly before signing off to return to work.

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If we ever needed to understand how New Yorkers got their reputation for excessive grumpiness this might be the thing.

Rossman makes a host of videos on a range of topics from advice about Apple computer repair to ranting about racial diversity and privilege. Rossman is an articulate vlogger and all round passionate guy. We recommend checking out his channel and keep an eye for any follow up about the leaky air conditioner.

Via: Louis Rossman 

This New Yorker's Contractor Got the Work Done in a Hilariously Sloppy Way

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