The Nexo is a hydrogen fuel cell-powered SUV from Hyundai that the company claims emits only water and 99.9 percent filtered oxygen. In order to prove the car's emissions won't damage the environment, the company invited Olympic swimmer and brand ambassador, Mireia Belmonte, to run in a bubble filled with the car's exhaust. Of course, they filmed the challenge.

For the promotional video posted on the Hyundai España YouTube page, the company employed the services of the Spanish National Centre on Hydrogen and a sports medicine center to make sure the process was safe. Assuming Hyundai's claims are true, the air in Belmonte's sealed space would likely be cleaner than the air most urban dwellers are breathing right now. She definitely didn't have any trouble running on the treadmill, and even flashed a smile. 

So, how does this environmentally friendly car work sans fossil fuelsWhen the hydrogen stored in the car's three separate tanks passes to the battery, it breaks down into protons and electrons. The electron flow created in the fuel cell provides electricity to power the electric motor that drives the front wheels, while the protons react with the oxygen molecules in the air generating heat and water.

With the promise of such an environmentally friendly transportation option, why hasn't the vehicle's adoption been guaranteed yet? Well, it turns out it is hampered by the lack of proper fuel cell infrastructure.

While we wait for that to change, we might as well enjoy this video. However, be wary of trying this at home.