This Operator Doesn't Know How to Use an Excavator, and It Shows

It looks like it is time to take the excavators away and bring the shovels back.
Derya Ozdemir

Let’s just start by saying that if you are going to conduct a $250K excavator operation, you should have more experience than just watching Bob the Builder. That's a fact.

This video shows the magnificent struggle between a crumbling building and a very, very inexperienced excavator operator. The whole thing looks like the operator is playing Jenga and having a merry time, until the last seconds of course.

The operator sets a wonderful example of how things shouldn’t be done. This fella here seems to lack the basic requirements for handling heavy machinery: good hand-eye coordination and commonsense to be exact. As the example shows, excavators can require precise manipulation, and when these requirements aren't met, some very serious accidents can occur.

Jokes aside, we hope that the operator is okay and doesn't operate heavy machinery anymore. He should stick to playing Jenga in the comfort of his own home and leave handling machinery to the professionals. Safety first, kids!

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