This Paint Super Soaker Battle is the Best Idea Ever

Super Soaker battles are fun. Paint Super Soaker battles are just bonkers.

Forget your old Super Soakers water guns. YouTuber Mark Rober came up with the most brilliant idea yet. Build massive Super Soaker-style guns, fill them with paint, and have a blast.

The guys from Eclectical Engineering helped Rober construct the massive Super Soakers. They should know; they did, after all, help Rober build the world's largest Nerf gun. The video gets even crazier as the players all wore white. Of course, the surrounding room is also entirely white. The entire video seems like the ultimate game of Splatoon. 

To create their new colorful weapon, the team takes aspects from the functionality of a Super Soaker to bring it to life. Nonetheless, the weapon feels and looks like a hybrid between a paintball gun and a flamethrower of all things. What could possibly go wrong?

For the uninitiated Mark Rober is a former NASA engineer who studied Mechanical Engineering in School. He worked for NASA JPL for nine years. During seven of those years, Rober started working on the Curiosity Rover. Now, he is taking all that collective knowledge to design creatively engineered projects like a massive Super Soaker-style paint. See, engineers do know how to have fun. 

Would you design something like this? 


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