This Parody of a Boston Dynamics Video Sees the Robot Fight Back

The video brings up an important question about whether these robots will ever get fed up with humans.

We have all seen the many Boston Dynamics videos where the robots are made to do countless tasks and even pushed over to test their balance. Now, this new parody sees a robot take a little too much and finally fight back.

The video, playfully called Bosstown Dynamics, sees a robot be hit with a hockey stick, a beer can and all around get pushed and shoved. Finally, it fights back with some amazing karate moves and even a gun.

Although the video is a joke it does bring up some important facts about the future of robotics. Is there a chance these futuristic advanced machines will ever get tired of serving us?

Many fear the robocalypse. Could this video be a funny glance into a future where it happens? It's still too early for that now as, for the time being, these robots have limited capacity for independent thought but it is something to consider.


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