This Phone Survived A Fall From A Plane And Recorded Everything

Jessica Miley

It's a sound no one wants to hear, the all too familiar thud as your smartphone hits the deck. Almost always shattering the screen or irreversibly damaging those fragile corners. Unless you have a Samsung S5 and you throw your phone out of a plane. Then apparently, your phone is totally ok. We know because we have this incredible video to prove it.  

Blake Henderson was filming from the inside of a plane when his phone was sucked out of the open window and fell 1000 feet to the ground below. Somehow the phone hit a particularly soft patch of soil and seems to have survived the fall unscathed. The video is still recording and gives an endearing insight into the lives of the property owners. You can hear two voices discussing their gardening plans before an actual rake sweeps up the phone. Once the pair discover the phone they are mightily perplexed! They run through a possible list of owners before setting the phone down and continuing on with their day. They eventually reunite the phone with its owner as the entertaining video was posted by the phone's owner's nephew. While clearly, the phone was in a good enough condition to keep filming, it is unclear if the phone was still fully functioning after serving its ordeal. Was this just a freak accident, or did Samsung accidentally invent an unbreakable smartphone?