This Pilot Narrowly Lands a Plane During Hurricane-Force Winds

Watch a pilot struggle to land a plane during one of Germany's most powerful storms in recent history.
Shelby Rogers

There have been a number of instances when pilots have to land planes in terrifying crosswinds, and we hold our breaths for each and every landing. We immediately fear for the plane, the seasick passengers on board, and most definitely for the pilot undergoing considerably more stress than what she or he is typically used to.

Recent video surfaced online showing a German plane being tossed around by hurricane-force winds. The Eurowings flight from Bologna to Dusseldorf barely cruised through the 70 mph winds of Storm Friederike.

In just over a minute, the plane turns in nauseating angles as the pilot tries to correct for the strength of the wind coming in at 110 km/h. Some of the most harrowing moments of the plane's landing angle hit at roughly the 30-35 second mark. (However, the entire clip will make you hold your breath until the plane completely lands.)

Storm Friedrike caused various flights across continental Europe to be canceled, including trips between Munich and Berlin, Hamburg, and Cologne. Dutch authorities also canceled flights in and out of Amsterdam due to winds reaching over 140 km/h (87 mph). 

The storm has wreaked havok throughout Europe this week. It's already killed five people in Germany, including two firefighters working in emergency rescue. According to the German national weather service, Friederike is considered the worst storm to hit the country since 2007.  And taking a look at this video gives you a small glimpse into why. Fortunately for the passengers and crew involved in this flight, everyone made it safely through the landing -- a bit shaken, but on the ground nonetheless.