This Pingpong Trick Compilation Video Will Inspire You to Get Training

The Pongfinity team end the year with an awe-inspiring compilation video.

If you are in the Northern hemisphere the weather is getting pretty dark. Time to find some indoor entertainment.

What better than ping pong? It’s social, you get slightly fit and you definitely improve your hand and eye coordination.

If you need any more reason than that, check out this insane video from Pongfinity. The five-minute compilation video shows the best tricks and tomfoolery of the year from the channel's creators.

You have to see to believe the skills of these guys. The tricks range from mind-bending returns that seem to defy the laws of physics to some impressive multi-table playing.

Ping Pong doesn't have a reputation as the coolest of hobbies, but there is no denying these guys aren’t having a blast.

While its ubiquitous for most startup type offices to have a pingpong table, you’ll need to invest in more than just your lunch time if you plan on getting anywhere even close to as good as the team.

Our favorite trick involves blowing bubbles across the table for another player to precisely slice them away. Even the moving target is no problem for these sharpshooters.

If this video has inspired you to set up a table forest Gump style, the subscribe to the Pongfinity channel to stay on top of the latest ping pong tricks and techniques.

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