This Plane's Emergency Landing on Road Goes Terribly Wrong

Jessica Miley

It is every pilot's worst nightmare, having to perform an emergency landing. But with small planes, this terrifying procedure, can actually be ok, highways beaches and even paddocks provide enough room for small planes to land safely unless something gets in your way. Like in this video from Russia. A light plane is seen heading towards a road, other cars in the area manage to move out of the path of the out of control aircraft...except one. The otherwise perfect landing is absolutely destroyed when the plane runs right into the rear of the parked car. It is unclear if anyone in either the car or the airplane were injured. But there was a serious force in the landing.  

Another recent emergency landing of a light plane resulted in an 8-year old girl and an unrelated man getting killed on a beach in Portugal. The small plane flew low over hundreds of beach goers at a Lisbon beach before touching down and killing the two unsuspecting victims. A witness, Enrique Coelho, told local media, “It happened very fast, there was no chance to prepare... to run.”

The plane had been rented from a nearby flight school and was being driven by a junior pilot at the time of the accident. Portuguese television reported the senior instructor had been heard calling control tower that the Cessna plane was experiencing engine failure.