This Playful Street Furniture Is 3D Printed From Recycled Plastic

The New Raw is a design studio with a mission to reduce waste and promote 3D printing.
Jessica Miley

The New Raw is a design studio and research lab based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. It aims to rethink about the way we understand and use materials. The lab teamed up with the city of Amsterdam to host a campaign called Print Your City. The idea was to get designers to think about ways to turn plastic waste into a product that could be 3D printed. The competition acts as a motivation for local residents to ‘recycle household plastic waste in order to transform it into raw material for public furniture, via a 3D printing process.’

The result of the campaign is a public bench made from recycled plastic. Dubbed XXX, the two-seater bench is made from the same amount of plastic waste generated by an Amsterdam resident every year. The bench is a fun rolling design that is part street furniture part playground. The bench is entirely 3D printed which makes it also very strong and robust. The New Raw want the bench to encourage other designers and city planners to consider the benefits of 3D printing furniture created from waste plastic. Not only does it recycle a huge amount of material destined for landfill, 3D printed objects have the ability to be created for custom spaces, people and events. When the team from the New Raw aren’t making furniture they host education workshops all over the world in 3D printing and product development.