This Pogo Bike Let's You Bounce Up and Down In Style

It looks like a normal bike from the top, but it's a whole other story from the bottom down.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Bikes are normally made to ride but what if you could use them for other purposes? In this video, YouTubers Scotty Cranmer and friends created a Pogo bike that is meant to bounce instead of roll.

"Our custom Pogo Bike is complete and ready to ride/bounce! Matty Cranmer and Vinny test it out to see if it actually works and somehow it works better than expected! The guys were able to bounce really high and even do BMX style tricks like barspins! Matty tested the durability by jumping off of a ledge and we even built an obstacle course to test it on! I am so excited that the Pogo Bike works and I'm excited to film more videos with it!" write the YouTubers in the video post.

The bike looks just like a real bike from the top up but has two strange legs from the bottom down. The YouTubers compare it to a metal velociraptor and we must admit that's an accurate description.

The video is fun to watch mostly because it seems like at any point the YouTubers might fall off their brilliant creation. Impressively enough they don't and they actually manage to do some pretty cool tricks with it. Watch the video to see them in action.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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