This Police Robot Pulls a Car over Just like a Real Officer

The new cop robot was created to make police stops and arrests safer for everyone.
Loukia Papadopoulos

We have all been stopped by a cop a few times and it is never a pleasant experience. However, according to Reuben Brewer, a Senior Robotics Research Engineer in SRI International’s Applied Technologies and Science Department (ATSD), it can even be a downright dangerous one.

According to the video's description, "every year: 16,915,140 drivers are pulled-over in traffic. 195,078 motorists have physical force used on them, and 4,488 officers are assaulted. 89 of those motorists die, and 11 of those officers die."

To avoid such dire consequences, Brewer has invented a “police robot "that can’t hurt or be hurt."  “Our robot goes between people to keep everyone safe," Brewer added.

This cop robot has a TV screen where the officer's face is shown and can communicate with the driver via webcameras. It also features a telescopic robotic arm that can reach out.

Rest assured there is nothing this police robot cannot do that a real police can. Funny to think it all started in Brewer's garage. Brewer now has big plans for his cop robot.

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