This Portable Jump Starter Ensures You Never Get Stuck on the Road

The KOMA portable jump starter is a safe and reliable way to restart your vehicle's battery.
Jessica Miley

Gagyo Tech has redesigned the traditional jump starter to create KOMA, a portable jump starter that is 100% reliable, safe and fast. Car batteries can run out of juice for a variety of reasons. These range from the obvious - leaving your lights on to the more difficult to pin down, such as aging batteries and car electrical problems. So how do you get your battery to restart? You could try jumpstarting - that is if you can find another car and cables. Or you could call an on-road mechanic or use a portable jump start kit. Depending on where you are will affect which option you use. But please note trying to restart your car battery means dealing with a massive amount of current which is potentially life-threatening. 

Instant jumpstart kits are often the safest choice for travelers in remote areas where access to on-road service or anybody is limited. These kits essentially act like the battery of another car connecting to your car to give your battery a jump. But not all portable jump starters are created equally. KOMA is a lightweight device powered by D-batteries. This means there is no charging time, unlike its USB counterparts. When you need KOMA, simply fit the batteries, connect the clamps and switch KOMA on. KOMA takes the stress and risks out of charging a battery - and it works on vehicles up to 25 tons. Koma unique charging ability comes from the Joule Thief circuit, which is capable of 'converting low voltage into a high voltage via the self-oscillating voltage booster inside'. If you live in a remote area, are prone to battery issues or simply always want to be prepared, then you need a KOMA in your car.

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