This Projector Fits Into the Palm of Your Hand

The UO Smart Beam Laser can project a HD image on to any surface.
Jessica Miley

This tiny projector can fit into the palm of your hand. The UO smart beam laser projects a 150-inch HD screen wherever you are. It has WiFi connectivity so you can project from almost any device and onto any surface. The UO Smart Beam Laser claims to be the world's only FDA-Registered Class 1 Eye-safe Laser Projector, making it absolutely safe for the human eye. To get the best out of the beam laser, you will need to have a very dark room, but due to its laser technology, there is no need to mess around with frustrating focus. Just connect the UO to your device either with a cable or WiFi and you can project onto any surface to watch a movie, play video, or do a presentation.

The UO is totally portable. It has an internal rechargeable battery that can last two hours at a time. The screen can be adjusted from 20 to 150 inch by adjusting the distance between the projector and the wall or screen. You don’t even need to worry about carrying speakers with you. The UO has built-in speakers so you can truly turn any surface into a personal theatre. The projector can also be purchased with an accessory pack that includes a tripod, additional cables and carry case. The projector is the perfect tool for presentations on the go or for adventurous movie watchers.