D3O: The Goo That Could Save Your Electronics And Your Life

The gooey material hardens on impact to protect electronics and wearables.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Have you heard of D3O? Do you wonder what it is? Perhaps another android in Star Wars? Nope, the material is a special goo that may just save your electronics...and your life!

It's used in all types of protective equipment including military wear and sportswear. Want to see some of the remarkable products made from D3O? Check out these unique D3O items.

How does it work?

It's a soft gooey material that hardens on impact to protect your electronics and wearables. D3O goo’s natural state is fluid and flows easily, enabling the goo to even be worn since it doesn't interfere with mobility.

Even better, there is no one formulation or application of the material, there is D3O putty as well as D3O foam. 

One popular application for D3O is for motorcycles. This makes a lot of sense since it specializes in impact protection and shock absorption.

Perhaps the most impressive thing is watching D3O in action. It is mesmerizing to see it harden on impact. At first glance, it seems almost magical the way such a gooey material can turn so hard so suddenly.

In today's world, we have more and more small and fragile electronics that need protection. It's good to see that scientists and engineers are coming up with such impressive solutions. Watch our video to find out more, and buy your own D3O products here

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