This Puzzle Fan Solves a Rubik's Cube Made of Burning Candles

This Rubik's Cube is made of candles that are set alight before being solved. If you thought that was crazy, see Tony Fisher's other insane puzzle videos.
Jessica Miley

Tony Fisher, the Rubik's Cube extraordinaire is at it again. This time creating a candle Rubik's Cube that he sets alight before solving it.

This is the same guy that brought us the video of the Rubik's Cube made of ice. Fisher understands the mechanics of Rubik's Cubes in a way that enables him to take them apart, create molds of the pieces and then make Rubik's Cubes from unexpected materials.

Fisher fans in the comments are begging for a fully working chocolate cube.

Fisher is a puzzle fanatic, his channel is loaded with puzzling tips, puzzle reviews, insane projects like the burning candle Rubik's Cube as well as some good old fashion Rubik's Cube speed tests. Fisher seems to have an affinity for Rubik's Cube in particular but is definitely not a purist. 

In a recent video, Fisher unboxes the Yuxin 17x17x17. This is the world's largest mass-produced NxNxN puzzle, It has more than 1947 individual pieces and 17 layers. The huge cube weighs just under three kilograms, so as you try and solve it you’ll also get an arm workout. 

The world of Rubik's Cube fanatics has found a solid home on YouTube. There are videos and channels dedicated to the tiniest details of these popular puzzles.

There is a wealth of information to be gained from surfing around, from learning the fastest way to add new stickers to your cube to the best lube to use to get a super smooth movement, it’s all there.