This Razor Sharp Knife Is Made From Ordinary Tinfoil

This Japanese blade maker created a new knife from kitchen tin foil.
Jessica Miley

Watch as YouTuber Kiwami Japan turns a roll of ordinary tinfoil into a razor sharp knife. In this extraordinary transformation, Kiwami hammers and heats the foil until it is a flat hard plate.

He just uses an ordinary gas stovetop to do the heating and then beats the heated metal on a small workbench using a lightweight hammer.

Once satisfied with its density, Kiwami cuts the knife out of the plate using a hand held saw. Then Kiwami's trademark patience comes into play as he slowly sharpens the blade with many different grades of stones. 

He continues the process until the knife is shiny with a beveled edge. To demonstrate the new knife, Kiwami thinly slices some fresh cucumber.

It is a mesmerizing experience to see this absolutely banal kitchen item be reborn as an object of immense use and beauty. Kiwami is certainly a genius in blade making.

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His understanding of materials and knife sharpening practice is astounding. He has a range of these type of transformation videos up on his channel.

If tinfoil seemed too easy, watch him take a roll of plastic wrap and turn that into a working knife. Or if that doesn't impress, watch as he runs pasta and dried fish into razor-sharp blades too.

Aside from the ordinary material to sharp blade videos Kiwami also makes videos related to games created out of household objects.

This Razor Sharp Knife Is Made From Ordinary Tinfoil

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