This Razor-Sharp Knife Made of Ice Can Easily Slice a Cucumber

Amazing knife maker Kiwami Japan has done it again - this time creating a spectacular implement from ice and polyester.
Jessica Miley

Kiwami Japan is a knife making master. The Japanese based artist and prolific YouTuber has created blades from chocolate, plastic wrap, tin foil and now for the ultimate challenge - ice. 

The latest creation is a labor of love that ultimately creates a beautiful blade that disappears in front of your eyes. To get a knife made of ice, be sharp enough to slice the channel's signature test vegetable, a cucumber, Kiwami had to go through an extensive development phase. 

The knife is actually made from water that is frozen with polyester fluff. The same stuff you find inside cushions and stuffed toys. 

Adding this material slows the melting process and strengthens the ice. To get the ice into a blade shape Kiwami makes a mold using food grade silicone. 

The results are great but sharpening the block of ice proves difficult as the friction created by moving the knife on the stone causes it to rapidly melt. This is solved by creating a tent over the freezer and doing the final sharpening inside the cold environment. 

Kiwami rates the final knife as number 7 on the sharpness rating of knives they have made that are non-metallic. The best, non-metallic knife is unsurprisingly carbon fiber, but coming in second is pasta followed by wood.