This Relaxed Truck Driver Drives through Extremely Flooded Road

This truck driver appears completely calm as he drives through flood waters so high his steering wheel disappears. The driver keeps on going even when the water levels are up to his chest.
Jessica Miley

When flood waters rise to swollen rivers or excessive rain, town and cities can end up completely cut off from food supplies. Flooded roads are incredibly dangerous to drive through due to the chances of the current washing the vehicles away or simply because the condition of the road is unknown. And for most cars, you need oxygen intake to maintain your engine's combustion. Four-wheel drive vehicles are often fitted with a ‘snorkel’ or a tube for oxygen intake that sucks air from a height above the car. But even with this, driving in flood waters can cause electrical engine failure. None of these possibilities seemed to worry this particular truck driver who was caught driving through flood waters so high, his steering wheel disappears at one point under the water.

It's not exactly clear where the truck is. Perhaps in floodwaters in the Southern states of the U.S. What is known is this guy is absolutely not phased by the ridiculously high waters that surround the truck. He just keeps slowly driving through without seeming to even notice. His passenger is rather animated by the whole journey and at one point it looks like a local grab a lift on the truck by swimming up and grabbing the trucks rear view mirror!

While this guy makes it look easy, don’t try this at home. Not only can flood waters be fast flowing and may have washed parts of the road away, they can also be carrying submerged objects that can cause serious damage to your vehicle and its occupants! So stay home and call this trucker for supplies!