This Remote Tire Deflation System Can Stop High-Speed Pursuits

The Nighthawk designed by the Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company can stop high-speed vehicles by deflating their tires.
Jessica Miley

This remote tire deflation system can be used to stop vehicles without the need for brute force towards its occupants. Designed by the Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company (PacSci EMC) the product, called NightHawk aims to be a useful tool in stopping vehicle pursuits. It works by throwing a spike-covered strip across the path of an oncoming vehicle, once the vehicle drives over it, all four tires should have sustained some damage making it impossible for it to continue at high speed. Cleverly the NightHawk immediately detracts once driven over, so there is no risk of the police pursuit vehicle sustaining damage. The Nighthawk device is contained in a small briefcase that is opened and placed close to the road. It can be operated by police or security standing up to 100 feet away. The system provides greater accuracy than traditional hand-thrown spikes, is reusable and can be used on any type of road conditions.

The Energetic Materials Company makes a wide range of products, materials, and systems that range from security to engineering solutions. The company makes everything from Cartridge Actuated Devices (CADs), which are used in space launches to the ArrestNet. The ArrestNet is a wire mesh that is placed on the road in the path of oncoming vehicles. Once driven over, the net gets wrapped around the car's front tires causes it to stop in a relatively slow and controlled manner. To learn more about these products check the company’s website.

Via: Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company 

This Remote Tire Deflation System Can Stop High-Speed Pursuits


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