This Robot Was Designed to Produce Water on Mars

The robot can currently produce 4 cups of water a day for $0.02.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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We've all heard that Mars can be a good planet B for Earth's population but there's the pesky issue of water. Since water can not be found on Mars, the planet simply isn't hospitable. That all may change very soon.

Egyptian engineer Mahmoud Elkoumy has invented a robot that could one day produce water on the Red Planet and even on Earth's driest areas. The robot is adorably called ELU and it creates drinkable water by capturing humid air, compressing it, and putting it through a five-step filtration system.

If you are thinking such a system would be too expensive, think again. ELU is cost-efficient, costing Elkoumy a mere 250$ to make, and relatively easy to engineer. The robot was built in just 9 months.

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ELU can currently produce 4 cups of water a day for $0.02 and needs just 15% humidity to operate.

Has ELU grabbed your attention, yet? Are you curious to see how the amazing robot works? Want to see him in action while generating water from air? Want to learn more about what it took to engineer ELU? Then do not miss this video.

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