This Robotic Cat is the Perfect Gift For the Cat Enthusiast And Future Coder

Nybble is the world’s “cutest” robotic kitten that can be brought to life with your coding skills.
Donovan Alexander

Need a cute cat without all the fuss of the litter box and random dead critters? The Nybble open source robotic kitten might be the perfect solution for you.

Though you might not be the biggest cat lover, cats have become a staple of internet culture inspiring memes, youtube videos, and tons of jokes.    

Nybble is a robotic cat that you can bring to life through the power of coding.

The cute robotic kitten can come to life with tools easily accessed and modified by the user including, a small computer, customizable software, a basic component kit: plus you can upgrade the Nybble kitten with anything to fit your challenge or situation.

The screw-free interlocking puzzle frame, make Nybble durable as well as easy to assemble.

Only weighing about 350 grams out the box, the Nybble is driven by a small but powerful Arduino compatible microcontroller, giving the cute cat the ability to have “muscle memory” to move around and even share some of the actions of your everyday cat.

If you want your Nybble cat to be even more agile, you can add an additional Raspberry Pi chip to the back of the kitten to increase the robotic cat’s perception and precision.

Not only can you have your own robotic cat, but with the tools provided,  you can learn how to code in your favorite language.