This Rope Lighter Is Flameless, Windproof and Requires No Fuel

YouTube show cutlerylover brings us this demonstration of what is often referred to as a sailor's lighter.
Loukia Papadopoulos

YouTube show cutlerylover brings us this demonstration of a rope lighter, and it's nothing short of impressive. The lighter is flameless, windproof and uses only a rope for fuel.

You do not need any liquid fuel. Instead, a cotton rope is the fuel. The design is not new. It is an old lighter often referred to as a sailor's lighter.

It consists of a simple ball attached to a rod. As you pull it up you create flameless fire. To turn it off, simply pull the rope down.

How does it work? The rope is already charred so when you throw some sparks; it begins to burn. If you blow on it a bit you can get enough fire to light whatever you wish to light.

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The inventive lighter was used by sailors to light their cigarettes in windy locations. Talk about innovation!

We can't help but wonder why these ingenious little devices are not more popular. If you want to see how they work and enjoy their burning amber, watch the video.

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