This Rubik's Cube Is Made Almost Entirely of Ice

Passionate puzzler Tony Fisher has created a fully functional Rubik's Cube out of ice.
Jessica Miley

The Rubik's Cube was invented by the Hungarian sculptor and architect Ernő Rubik. The frustratingly difficult puzzle was originally called the Magic Cube. It is licensed to Rubik and is considered to be the best selling toy ever. As of 2009 more than 350 million puzzles have been sold worldwide. While the puzzle reached its popularity zenith soon after its launch in the 1980’s, it continues to hold appeal with annual speed competitions still being held around the world. In fact, it continues to have so much appeal that people can’t stop making new versions of it. 

Like this unbelievable ice Rubik's Cube created by puzzle enthusiast Tony Fisher. Fisher takes apart an old 10” cube and then painstakingly makes a silicone mold of the keys or blocks of the cube. He uses this to create ice cubes and with his expert puzzle knowledge puts the whole thing back together to create the world’s first mostly ice Rubik's Cube. While it doesn’t look that comfortable to play with, without gloves, the cube is totally functional. Of course, there is never going to be a solution as each side is the same blank white color. However, it is definitely an impressive creation. Fisher has made a how-to video of his ice cube so you can have a try at home. We definitely recommend doing this before the summer months arrive.