This Self-Cleaning Kitty Litter Box Takes the Hard Work out of Owning a Cat

Litter-Robot is a fully automatic self-cleaning cat litter box. It's perfect for cat owners who love their pets but not their mess.
Jessica Miley

Cats are cute and they make great memes. But as most of the domesticated spend all their time inside, they can also make a big mess. Traditional kitty litters are a minefield of gross bacteria and smell that can tip even the most cat-loving human into dog person territory. But like lots of things in our lives, we now have a robot to do the dirty work for us. Meet, Litter Robot, an automatic self-cleaning litter box. As soon as your kitty has finished with their business and left the box, Litter-Robot kicks into action. An automatic process separates the waste from the clean cat litter and deposits the deposits into an easy to clean waste drawer. Once the waste drawer fills up a flashing blue light will alert you that it needs emptying. The process is simple - just tie the ends of the plastic bag and deposit in the trash, then place a new bag in its place.

The robot is very handy if you have multiple cats; they will all have a clean place to go to the toilet and robot takes the worst part of the job away from you. While the robot does take up some space so will likely become a feature in your home rather than a tray you’ll try and hide in the laundry. The Litter-Robot is suitable for cats up to 2.5 kilograms but if you have a tiny kitten, you will need to wait until they are heavy enough to trigger the sensors inside the robot before they can take full advantage of the machine.