This Self-Driving Car Just Went for a Spin Around the Snowy Streets of Moscow

The Yandex.Taxi driverless car team is on one step closer to reaching their goal of a level 5 self-driving car with this latest successful testing.
Jessica Miley

Sometimes it feels hard to know just how far away self-driving cars are. Some days you hear that it's just around the corner, other times it feels very far away

Then you see a video of a taxi driving itself around the streets of Moscow - after a huge snow storm. The Yandex.Taxi self-driving car calmly navigates itself through the tight streets, it even manages its interaction with pedestrians, changing street conditions and traffic lights without a hiccup. 

Not only is the video a very real and exciting example of self-driving technology, it’s a great way to see life on the streets in Moscow. 

Self-driving cars need to be taught how to deal with extreme weather conditions. Large banks of snow change the edge conditions of streets which may affect the way the sensors understand the immediate space around the car.

Late last year, self-driving car company Waymo said it would be doing extensive cold weather testing in snowy Michigan this winter to ensure the car operates smoothly under all weather conditions. 

Yandex is a Russian based tech company that builds a range of products powered by machine learning. Most famously it is a popular search engine in Russia and neighboring countries as well as operating Russia's largest taxi booking system.