This Self-Drying, All-Weather Jacket Will Even Charge Your Phone

The all-weather jacket from Falyon is styled off "Back to the Future" and comes packed with forward-thinking design features.
Jessica Miley

Fans of Back To The Future will love this jacket from Falyon, which is styled after the infamous Marty McFly garment. Featuring heating and cooling pads and a USB charging station you’ll feel like you have entered a futuristic age. The jacket is perfect for all seasons, if you get cold, simply push the retro-styled buttons on the coats edge to enable the two front and one back heating pads. But don’t worry if it starts to rain, the jacket also has a self-drying function. Again simply hit the button and the jacket will inflate, allowing the fabric to quickly dry off after a shower. But that’s not all, never be without cell phone battery again, the jacket comes equipped with a 6000 mAh battery charger, dedicated pockets for both your phone and tablet as well as a useful pocket for a stylus or pen.

With all these features, you might expect the jacket to look a little utilitarian, but it is actually really well designed and has just the right balances of sleek urban style to take you from the office to the bar. The jacket was funded via a Kickstarter campaign and according to their last update on August 7, production of the jacket has begun. The website says the jacket will only be made in a limited amount so get on the site to find out how to secure your very own today.

Via: Falyon

This Self-Drying, All-Weather Jacket Will Even Charge Your Phone

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