This Shocking Video Shows A Robot Getting Attacked With A Baseball Bat on the Streets of Moscow

The MTI designed robot, AlanTim, has been hit across the head by a baseball bat by an unknown attacker. The robot seems to suffer serious damage in this recently revealed video.
Jessica Miley

A weird video has been posted that may show a Russian robot designed to protect English football fans at the 2018 World Cup has been attacked in the streets by an angry driver. Footage of the attack was captured by another driver on the roads in Moscow. The video shows a man driving a motorbike with a sidecar drive past. Riding proudly in the sidecar there seems to be the famous Moscow Technological Institute (MTI) designed robot AlanTim. In the next scene, we see the helpless robot standing by the side of the road before a man emerges from a nearby car and hits the robot over the head with a baseball bat then kicks it to the ground. 

It is unlikely the video is real but is perhaps a stunt organized by Russian football fans to send a warning message to English football fans descending Russia for the 2018 World Cup. AlanTim was developed by MTI to help dissipate angry crowds expected at the event. The robot is reportedly able to use “diplomatic language” to help discourage violence at the events. A spokesman for the MTI is quoted as saying “AlanTim can recognize human emotions: if he notices aggression towards British guests, he will immediately contact the police. “Besides, the robot is able to hold a meaningful conversation and to resolve conflicts in a diplomatic way.” Our experience of Russian and English football fans lead us to believe they’ll need more than a robot to stop the expected ‘festival of violence’. But here’s hoping we are proven wrong.