This Short Video Shows the 5000-HP Devel Sixteen Accelerating Down a Desert Highway

Get a glimpse of the ambitious 5000-HP Devel Sixteen in this 7-second prototype video.
Jessica Miley

While most of the automotive industry business themselves with how to make the perfect electric car, for some the glamour of a traditional fuel engine hasn’t lost its shine. This is true for Devel Sixteen, a Dubai based automotive startup that has ambitious plans to build a 320-mph supercar powered by a quad-turbo, 12.3-liter V16 engine.

While most people seem to think they are overreaching in their goals, it looks like they are about to prove some of the haters wrong. The fairly secretive company has released a very very brief look at a prototype accelerating down a road in a desert landscape. 

The video description says the shot is of the prototype moving at low boost and at just 20 percent throttle. But the car certainly takes off with some serious power. The video is too agonizingly short for any real analysis of the car and its potential but the car makers have got a good grounding with engineer Paolo Garella and drag racing engine builder Steve Morris Engines in their corner. 

Devel Motors started in 2006 with the beginnings of their ideas. The company has steadily grown with various milestones reached along the way. Devel certainly seems to have the money and the skills to build the car of their dream, we just have to be patient and wait.