This Slow-Mo Paintball Collision Will Make Your Day

Two paintballs collide in mid air, captured by a Phantom V2511 high-speed camera.
Jessica Miley

Watching this mid-air paintball collision in slo-mo will make your day. We have said it once and we’ll say it once, everything is better in slow-mo! This definitely includes paintball collisions. The incredible team from YouTube’s The Slow Mo Guys have put together an awesome experiment where they managed to get two paintballs to collide while they captured the carnage. A Phantom V2511 high-speed camera recording at 28,500 frames per second did the hard work achieving incredible results. 

The guys took a pretty DIY approach to the setup, simply vice gripping two guns to a table facing each other. They then used a piece of string ties around both triggers as the mechanism. Despite the lo-fi technology of the setup, the hi-tech camera and some good luck helped the team create this awesome video. Watching the two tiny paint balls hit is incredibly addictive. Watching two things collide in slo-mo reduces the initial violence of it but still satisfies that intense desire to see things destroyed. 

Getting the two to hit was surprisingly difficult, it seemed that the guns were firing relatively inconsistency. But with some tweaks to the setup and a lot of persistence you can watch the daytime fireworks from several different angles. The two guys, Gavin and Dan that host the show are so charmed by their own experiment you also can’t help but get excited about it. They have made a ton of other great videos too. Our favorites include "Diving into 1000 Mousetraps in 4K Slow Motion" video which is both the stupidest and funniest thing we have seen.