This Slow-Mo Video Shows How to Clear Autumn Leaves Fast

Watching autumn leaves fall is incredibly soothing. Throw in some trapeze and pass the pumpkin spiced lattes.
Jessica Miley

Autumn is well and truly upon us in the northern hemisphere -- as if it wasn't already obvious by the leaves clogging your gutters and the sudden explosion of pumpkin-flavored everything. For some, the start of autumn brings with it a “winter is coming” depression. For others, it is a season of pure joy. When else do you get to throw yourselves in piles of dead leaves? If you need any inspiration to choose the latter of these two autumnal options, watch this video of a young trapeze artist doing the ultimate leaf pile dive bomb. The slow-mo video illustrates the basic principles of gravity. But more importantly, it just looks so fun.

The trapeze artists in question is a member of the Bloomington High Flyers, a trapeze club in Bloomington, Indiana. The club is run by Bernadette Pace, a trapeze veteran who teaches and inspires the next generation of catches. The safety net is standard issue for all trapeze artists these days.

The inventor of the sport, Frenchman Jules Léotard, developed the idea while in his father's swimming pool in Toulouse in the mid-1800s. Trapeze is now a mainstay of circuses around the world but can be seen in other theatre shows and performances too. 

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