This Slow-Mo Video Shows What It Would Be Like to Get Shot By a Sniper Rifle

The Slow Mo Guys created a terrifying video showing what it would be like to get shot from the victim's perspective.
Jessica Miley

Ever wondered what it would be like to get shot by a sniper rifle, the Slow Mo Guys have taken the guesswork out if it for you with their latest insane video. The boys borrow a sniper rifle from the host of Smarter Every Day, Destin and use it to show what it would look like to get shot in slow motion. The Slow Mo Guys use a mirror placed at 45-degree angle to film the bullet leaving the gun and heading towards its target, in this case, what feels like your head.

The channel's hosts Gavin and Daniel suggest you watch this video on a screen as big as possible to get the full effect of the bullet barrelling towards you. The video is nothing short terrifying. While if you were ever in the position of being shot by a sniper, there is, of course, no way that you’d hear or see it but the video gives an insight into the power and deadliness of these high powered weapons.

If this is your first foray into the slow-mo channel, be prepared to lose your afternoon to a suite of great videos shot on their high-speed camera. The guys balance educational content like showing how TVs work, with ridiculous and fun episodes. The channel also comes with extra content for fans. Just click on the playlists to see all their videos backward, a selection of their most colorful videos as well a self-curated collection of their greatest hits.

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