This Slow-Mo Video Will Show You What Happens When Your Circuit Breaker Flips

YouTube channel Warped Perception opens up a common domestic circuit breaker to reveal what is inside.
Jessica Miley

Most people will have experienced the lights and power going out when a circuit breaker has been tripped. It’s usually pretty easy to simply reset the switch. But what is actually happening inside the break during a trip?

The host of YouTube channel Warped Perception had the same question and so created an episode dedicated to the interior of the common circuit breakers. In his words: "I open up a household circuit breaker and replicate a couple very common household fault scenarios, I film it with the high-speed cameras to reveal exactly what's going on inside that circuit breaker.”

The first scenario tested is a typical slow blow overload. The second is a complete short circuit. To show exactly how a circuit breaker works Warped Perception opens up a breaker and films it as it does the job it was intended. Watching the breakers work in slow motion is surprisingly mesmerizing. Not only is this video fun to watch it's highly educational. If you live in a house with electricity it really pays to understand what is going on in the electrical circuits around you. 

If you enjoyed this video, spend some time on the Warped Perception channel. The host cuts a fine line between your annoying uncle and your favorite science teacher. His laid-back style makes for educational videos that surprise and delight. Backed up with a 4K camera, the content that he creates always looks good and are often accompanied with some very cinematic soundtracks.