This Smart Mirror Will Definitely Change Your Morning Routine

MirroCool is your all-in-one personal assistant. The mirror connects to your smartphone to remind you of all your important events as well as keeping you up to date on all the important stuff.
Jessica Miley

Are you not a morning person? Need a little bit of help to plan ahead and get ready for everything in your schedule? If you answered yes, you might want to check out the MirroCool. It's a mirror and a personal assistant. 

MirroCool acts like a normal mirror, but its built-in facial recognition software also lets it help you organize yourself. When you look at its surface, the technology will scan your face and say hello! It can remind you of important meetings, reminders and events as well as give you a little boost, with some kind words to get you started. MirroCool can alert you to what is happening with the weather as well as feeding you the headlines and providing traffic reports. All while you brush your teeth, shave, or do your makeup and hair.

The MirroCool can save you time and make your morning just a little more personal. MirroCool pairs with your smartphone and alert you. Three simple gestures of a smile, wink, and blink will let you control everything you need. As well as helping you save time in the morning, MirroCool is keeping an eye on your house while you are out. Want to see what the cat is up to? Simply go to the MirroCool app and you can get a view right into your own home. The intelligent mirror can also send an alert to you if it identifies an unfamiliar face. MirroCool is currently available through Kickstarter.