This Smart Motorcycle Helmet Lets You Record and Share Your Ride in HD

Korean firm eCELL has developed the world's first full face motorcycle helmet that has both Bluetooth connectivity and WiFi camera.
Jessica Miley

Riding a motorcycle can be very dangerous, not only are you vulnerable to other traffic, distractions around, you can cause drivers to lose concentration and have accidents. A Korean firm has developed a smart motorcycle helmet that offers a high standard of safety while creating a better more connected ride. The PLY 2.0 full face motorcycle helmet combines Bluetooth technology with action cam function that enhances every ride. The helmet hosts an HD camera that records 120-degree angle for beautiful videos of your rides as well as monitoring and recording traffic hazards.

The helmet also has a social networking site upload function to show off to your friends and a cool function that lets you search and view the recorded video with GPS information on the map. If you are riding in a group, the helmets offer a walkie-talkie function for easy communication. If you prefer to ride solo but still stay connected, the helmet can connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone and allow you to make calls without stopping or distraction. The clever helmet is created by Korean firm eCELL. The company claims the helmet is the first in the world to have both hands-free capability and a WiFi camera (action cam). The helmet was unveiled at the EICMA exhibition in Milan, Italy in November and has already gained popularity in the motorcycling community.