This Smart Security Bag Sets off an Alarm When Someone Tries to Steal Your Parcel

The Delivery Safe is a smart bag that can keep your delivered parcels safe before you get home. It is made from a smart fabric that will set off an alarm when tampered with.
Jessica Miley

As online shopping becomes the choice for many savvy shoppers the rate of parcel delivery increases. If you live in a suburban house often the packages are left on the front porch. This makes these often valuable parcels susceptible to opportunistic thieves. The increase in thefts has left some transport companies refusing to leave parcels unattended and require the receiver to go into a depot during business hours to retrieve their purchases. This is a pain for many people who work typical 9-5 hours. One company has developed a solution that allows parcels to be left on porches unattended with no fear of the theft. 

The delivery safe is a bag created from smart fabric that will set off an alarm if tampered with. When you are expecting a delivery you simply need to leave your Delivery Safe on your front porch with the bag safely clipped to the door. The delivery person will slip your packages inside and secure the bag. If thieves attempt to steal your packages by cutting the bag or security cord an alarm will sound alerting neighbors and driving away thieves. The Handy Camel website which is taking notices of interest in the product now states that "in 2015, 23 million packages were stolen off of front porches". Secure your online shopping purchases with the Delivery Safe. Handy Camel, says the product is in its final stages of prototyping and will be available to order in 2018.