This Smart Speed Bump Only Punishes Cars Driving Way Too Fast

Spanish Company Badenova S.L has developed the world's first liquid speed bump. The speed bump only affects cars driving at excessive speed.
Jessica Miley

Speed bumps can be the bane of suburban drivers. Designed to slow traffic down in high pedestrian areas, the bumps can cause damage to your car's shock absorption system even when driven over at a moderate speed. One company, however, wants to use speed bumps to actually punish those driving too fast and not the average driver.

The Spanish company Badenova S.L has developed the world's first liquid speed bump to mitigate this problem. This is an intelligent piece of road engineering. The ‘liquid’ speed bumps yields when cars are driven at a moderate speed, but when impacted with force, the liquid hardens and creates an obstacle that forces vehicles to reduce their speed.

The speed bump looks like an ordinary black speed bump, but under its tough plastic exterior is a fluid that enters a solid state when receiving an impact. The non-Newtonian fluid is also biodegradable and completely harmless to humans. The exterior of the speed bump is made of ultra tough plastic designed to be highly resistant to aging, wear, vandalism and unfavorable weather conditions. The whole bump comes as a single entity and for installation only needs to be bolted to the existing tarmac.

The speed bump is currently only available for indoor use in parking garages, sheds and other covered areas. Badennova was created in 2009 with the single vision of developing a smart speed bump that would only affect vehicles driving with excessive speed.