This Smart Truck by Samsung Could Radically Reduce Highway Accidents

Samsung has developed a truck that allows drivers to see what is ahead of them. The system uses a front-mounted camera that projects its image onto the rear of the truck giving drivers better understanding of road conditions.
Jessica Miley

Samsung plans to change the way we drive on highways. The company has developed a ‘safety truck’ that aims to radically reduce highway accidents. The system works with the truck having a wireless camera attached to its front grill. The image it is recording is sent to a four-panel video wall on the rear of the truck. Drivers behind the truck are then given a clear view of the road and traffic condition in front of the truck. This image will let drivers make better decisions about passing the truck safely. The camera works in low light conditions and even at night. If you have ever driven on a highway and been stuck behind a truck of any size you will know the frustration of not having adequate vision to give you the knowledge if it is safe to pass or not, particularly when the truck is slow.  

Samsung claims that most of the vehicle accidents occurring in Argentina happen on ‘two-lane roads and particularly in situations of overtaking’. Samsung developed and tested its prototype truck and is armed with proof that the idea works. They say they now plan to work with non-government organizations and government to make the technology compilable with differing safety standards. As well as the safety truck, Samsung reportedly has plans to team up with Volvo to develop an electric truck, following the launch of Tesla’s electric semi. The Korean tech giant is allegedly in talks with Swedish car-maker Volvo to develop commercial, full-size batteries that would power electric trucks.

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